How to Increase Bookings In Your Holiday Let Business

This episode of the podcast is an interesting one as I talk to Learn Airbnb, an online resource that shares the possibilities and realities of Airbnb and how to negotiate them and use them to your advantage and ultimately Increase Bookings In Your Holiday Let Business
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In this episode I’m joined by Jim and Harvey from Learn Airbnb who are hugely knowledgeable and passionate on their subject and really know this secotr inside out – we discuss this giant in depth and look at how Airbnb can work for you and how Learn Airbnb was created to offer valuable insights into how to run your Airbnb listing to it’s best – we look at an industry changing and how airbnb affects us as Holiday Home Vacation Rental Owners and much more:  
  • We look at LearnAirbnb’s background and how the founders got individually started out in the hospitality | Airbnb world 
  • Who LearnAirbnb is for
  • They tell us exactly what LearnAirbnb has to offer, as well as their awesome blog and how do hosts access the information they have. 
  • We look at how many hosts have helped across the globe and how a lot of the lessons learned as an airbnb host can be valuable to holiday let | vacation rental owners
  • The vast knowledge that the airbnb host community can teach
  • Entry level price for the courses on offer at LearnAirbnb and a few stories of hosts who have started using LearnAirbnb and it’s really improved their reviews/increased their bookings
  • Do they think there’s a place within Airbnb for the traditional Holiday Let | Vacation Rental?
  • What we as holiday home | vacation rental owners and Airbnb hosts do to ensure we are ahead of the curve and truly stand out from the competition?
  • Where they see the future of airbnb – this is a great conversation!!
  • What impact they think airbnb is having on the Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Industry
  • What impact they think airbnb is having on the Hotel Industry? What impact will it continue to have and where do you think Airbnb will push/lead the holiday let | vacation rental industry ?
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You can take a look at LearnAirbnb in more depth right here
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