The most successful Holiday Homes add the things that are easy to add, but easy not to add. The things that add value for guests and make their perfect stay.

That propel your property and guests experience from good to great!

  This is not an exhaustive list, but there to give you some awesome, do-able ideas that you can add without major investment.

Let me know if there’s something you add that really makes a difference for guests.

16 essentials 1. An incredibly informative Welcome Pack-use your knowledge of your property and the surrounding area to your best advantage and get it down in a clear, concise knowledge base in one simple, beautiful, tactile, folder or book for your guests use
2. Simple, cost effective Welcome Hamper-if you don’t want to go all out, just the basics will ensure that your guests stay gets off to the absolute best start-and we all know first impressions count so make sure you leave-Tea, Coffee, Sugar, 2 pint bottle of milk, loaf of bread, pack of spreadable butter, washing up liquid, dishwasher tabs if you have a dishwasher and new j-cloths.
3. First Aid Kit. Accidents can happen and even the most seasoned of holiday-packers can forget the plasters and antibacterial wipes. Leave the First Aid kit in a kitchen draw, it’ll be a worthwhile addition. It only needs to be basic but make sure it contains-plasters, antibacterial wipes, gauze, small scissors, tape, pack of tissues for tears!
4. Travel Plug adaptors. If there’s something that gets easily forgotten when travelling abroad it’s an adaptor, and there’s nothing more frustrating when arriving as a guest and realising that’s exactly what you’ve done! If you know your guests are travelling from abroad, plug a couple of adaptors in around the property and have a specific draw in the kitchen where they live-provide at least a set for all types easy from ebay.  Leave a kind note in the draw asking them to be returned for the use of the next guests. This is an extremely cheap and very effective way of showing your guests you really have the best in mind!
5. Universal Mobile Phone Charger. Again-how frustrating if you’ve forgotten it!! It happens all the time and could be an absolute lifeline for someone who could have been planning to work whilst away or just wants to keep in touch, saves all the hassle of going out and finding and buying a new one. You can easily pick up a universal adaptor, ebay is a great place to start and again your guests will love how well you’ve thought everything through!
6. Rechargeable batteries and Charger. This cheap and easy addition to your property could save you a frustrated phonecall from your guests, a remote control that doesn’t work is enough to annoy someone trying to relax and checking batteries could be overlooked by a housekeeper. A charger that plugs into a socket in the house that you simply slot batteries into whilst it’s sat on the wall is a compact and neat addition. Ensure batteries fit all remote controls and any torches you may have provided.
7. Rechargeable lanterns and Torches. Safer than leaving candles and matches in the event of a powercut, they don’t happen often but if they do happen and your guests are left in pitch darkness you will have very unhappy people on your hands! See point 6 about using rechargeable batteries for all eventualities.
8. FREE Wifi. There’s a growing number, ok huge number, of people who are used to having internet access at the tip of their fingers, they will certainly expect to have access whilst on their holiday. Make it simple and add value by not charging for it, it complicates things for you and your guests, if you’re worried about costs work it into the rental figure you calculate at the end of every year. Simple and effective
9. Ipod docking station or Bose Bluetooth Speaker. A night in, or a lazy afternoon would be the ideal time for a little music-and what better than your own selection?! A docking station can be added at little cost and will add huge value.  
10. Matching quality crockery set. Your guests have chosen to go self catering, ensure they have everything they need should they wish to entertain friends whilst they’re away, ensure you have at least double the crockery for the amount of people your property caters for. This should be the same for cutlery, wine glasses and water glasses.
11. Cooking & Baking set. Brilliant addition for a rainy day! Why not leave a cook book, some scales, a cake tin and baking tray, extra mixing bowls, wooden spoons, cake cases and some grease proof paper, along with a list of local shops and markets where they can buy the ingredients.
12. Zip & Link Bed. An incredible invention for holiday home owners!! By having a zip and link bed, (a bed that can be used as two singles or as a super king double) you are ensuring your property has the ability to appeal to as many people as possible, versatility is a real door opener and adding this one item alone could well improve your bookings! You’ll be opening your door to different combinations of families and friends and blended families.
13. Hairdryer & Straighteners. Easily and often overlooked, but the value of these items to your guests will be high, especially if they are travelling from overseas, saving on valuable packing weight. Stay in control by leaving a heat resistant mat for use with the straighteners!
14. Freeview or Sky Package. Most people at home will have and be used to a pretty comprehensive choice of channels. Especially useful if you have a family arriving-the kids (and parents!) will need some down time.
15. DVD Library. Instead of leaving lots of DVD’s in the property, that could get lost or broken, why not type up a complete list of your own DVD’s and leave the list in your welcome pack. Guests can choose at their leisure and request the ones they want. If you don’t live on site or close by, why not email the list ahead of their stay so that they can order the DVD’s up front, you can have your housekeeper leave the requested DVD’s. You’re more likely to be able to offer a bigger selection and your guests will look after them as they know you know what they’ve been watching! Or just save all of this and get a Netflix log in!!  
16. Bikes. If you have a garage or garden shed, why not leave a selection of adult and child sized bikes, you can pick them up cheaply on ebay or even for free on freecycle, what a huge value to people coming away, an additional activity that is immediate and takes advantage of the surrounding area! You can leave a puncture repair kit with them and some cycle helmets sized for the bikes, also leave a map with the best local cycle routes on that they can take with them, you can easily pick up a few from the tourist information office.