How to Market Vacation Rentals

  Join me on the podcast as I talk to Vacation Rental Marketing specialist Antonio Bortolotti, Antonio is the proactive and inspirational owner of Casa Teulada, a rustic villa in Sardinia and the author of Vacation Rental Secrets, and the founder of the Vacation Rental World Summit How to market Vacation Rentals
In this episode Antonio Bortolotti, Founder at Vacation Rental Marketing Secrets, shares his experience in the Vacation Rental | Holiday Let Industry, gained over many years in the travel industry and in building his own Vacation Rental Business, literally from the bricks up!
Hear Antonio share his story and learn more about the Vacation Rental World Summit coming up in October 2016, here’s what we talk about:
  • We talk about Antonio’s background and how he got started in this Industry, also where he and his wife are based
  • We look at what attracted Antonio to the Holiday Let Industry and how it fits his philosophy perfectly
  • We look at how long they’ve been running Casa Teulada and how they found it – also how this beautiful home has been featured in many publications, such as the Sunday Times and how Casa Teulada is known as one of the top 20 holiday villas in the region.
  • What owners can learn from Antonio’s online resources at Vacation Rental Secrets
  • The Vacation Rental Secrets series of online courses and what they have to offer
  • These courses led Antonio to create the Vacation Rental World Summit in 2014 and we’re now charging towards the 2016 event which will take place in Barcelona in October – Antonio tells us about the previous events, as this year will be slightly different in that it’ll be in person!
  • Previously online – this year in person, what made Antonio take the leap to an in person event 
  • What we can expect from this years event with Vacation Rental World Summit
  • What Antonio is dedicated to owners coming away from the event with
  • Antonio’s guiding philosophy for holiday home owners in today’s market
  • Where he thinks the future of the Holiday let | Vacation Rental industry is headed
  • Antonio’s advice to market their property successfully in 2016 and beyond
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 Get in touch with Antonio here:

Vacation Rental World Summit – but be quick if you want to be in the room!
Vacation Rental Secrets – Antonio’s blog and resources for Holiday Home Owners
 Casa Teulada – Antonio’s award winning Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Homes