How to Create a Welcome Book for Guests

Awesome Welcome Pack = Happy Guests = Happy You!

An awesome welcome pack will be more simple and straightforward for you to create than you think! You know your property and the local area and are the perfect resource for your guests! It’s just a case of getting all the things you know, and some things you may not realise you know, into an easily accessible file for your guests’ use.

So let’s look at how to create a welcome book for guests!

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The creation of this file will give your holiday guests the best possible holiday and, the more comprehensive the file, the less need for any phonecalls from guests during their stay!

How to work everything:

  • Dishwasher
  • Washer/Dryer
  • Alarm
  • DVD Player
  • Satellite TV/Freeview
  • Heating
  • Pool
  • Hot tub
  • Open Fire/Wood Burner rules/fuel/lighters
  • Wifi Code
  • Location of First Aid Kit
  • Location of light bulbs and torches and ready charged lamps in case of a power cut
  • Location of fire safety equipment in the property
  • Escape routes in an emergency (You can ask you local fire service to assist you)

Rental Rules

  • Check in and check-out times, if you offer a late check under what circumstances and should it be booked in advance
  • Conduct during their stay
  • Parking
  • Keys, where should they go when they leave
  • Rubbish/recycling location/collection
  • Pool rules
  • Hot tub rules
  • What to do if there’s a breakage. (Ask that they draw your attention to any breakages in case it’s not picked up and inconveniences the next guests, add that we all know breakages sometimes occur)

Local Information

  • Local area maps
  • Leaflets of local attractions
  • Take Away Menus-Highlight those they can use now!(check their arrival times)
  • Restaurant Menu (why not get to know the restaurant owners and leave a discount voucher for the best restaurant)
  • Local shops, directions and opening times
  • Local market, directions, day and times
  • Emergency contact, address & directions for-Doctors, Dentists & 24hr pharmacy, taxi

Other Important Contact Information

  • Your housekeeper
  • Your contact details
  • Instructions on who to contact if there is something wrong within the property
  • When to contact, make it clear if they’re unhappy about something you must be informed immediately, you are committed to their stay being a happy one and you will be pleased to have the opportunity to correct a problem they may have come across.

Green Section

The green section allows you to show that you’re a responsible holiday home owner and helps you to reduce your costs, so always start this section by asking your guests to support you in your mission!
  • Recycling, what is to be recycled, where and when should it go (Another opportunity to make the guests stay better, make this easy to do, have it just by the backdoor for example, as easy as possible, ask if they would support you in recycling as much as possible)
  • Reminders on electricity saving, lights when going out, TV’s off instead of on standby
  • If your property has a tumble dryer, leave dryer balls. Remind of their use here
  • Advise on the location of the washing line or clothes airer and pegs

Go forth and create, make it look beautiful, tactile and pretty. Make it look like it should be on the coffee table, or on the side in the kitchen, not moved out of the way as quickly as possible and forgotten about.

You want your guests to want to read this thing, so they can get the best out of their stay with you!

We’d love to see any photos of your guest welcome book

 Is it digital? On an Ipad? Inside a beautiful leather bound cover? Is it a photograph album with a gorgeous Cover? Is it a pre-printed book with the name of your holiday home emblazoned on the front?

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