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Course Description

 Learn how to market your Holiday Let Business on your own terms with a WordPress Website that represents you and your Holiday Let.

A Website is absolutely essential  for your Holiday Let Business in today’s ever changing Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Industry. It’s more important now than ever to build your own base, your Home Hub. With new listing sites, changes to rules of existing listing sites and the advent of Giants like Airbnb and the Sharing Economy, changing the face of the way we travel, affecting Hotels and the way we use and book Travel arrangements. All these changes affect you and your ability to run your Holiday Let | Vacation Rental business profitably.  

Your Holiday Let Website is a place to share valuable information for guests and potential guests and a way to bring in commission free bookings, build a following and a loyal customer base. A place to build your business for sustainability, independently from the listing sites

Part of building a successful web presence and Home Hub for your Holiday Let Business is being able to interact with and share relevant information with your target market via Social Media, there’s a definite move towards ‘being everywhere’ , but managing this can feel like a job in itself if not handled carefully and the right tools and automation applied where possible!

In this course we will also cover Social Media Set up, blogging, sharing, content calendars and using Social Media as part of your long term marketing strategy with efficiency, using some of the best Social Media Hacks available, with a consistent approach that won’t take up all your time….even if you’re completely new to Social Media or have been putting off getting going for fear of it engulfing all your time and becoming unmanageable.

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Course Requirements

  • A Holiday Let Business you’d like to be in control of
  • Access to a computer
  • Internet Access
  • Email Address

 Associated Costs

  • Hosting & Domain name purchase. Est £100 for the first year
  • Beds24.com 1month FREE with code inside the course, then from just £5 per month depending on requirements

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Learn how to create your own bespoke, self hosted Holiday Let Website
  • Learn how to present the what your visitor needs from a visit to your website
  • Understand the basics of using the WordPress platform for your Holiday Let Business
  • Learn how to capture email addresses of potential guests and how to set up basic email marketing
  • Learn how to blog to attract the right target audience
  • Learn how to create and maintain a content calendar
  • Learn how to connect your website to Social Media
  • Plus much more, including a bonus module, google analytis, ongoing support in our Private Facebook Group

Who is this Course For?

  • Holiday Home Owners who have never had a website of their own and only used Listing Sites
  • Holiday Home Owners who have previously had a website which they’ve had little control of and now needs updating for todays fast moving Holiday Let Industry and todays Internet Marketing World
  • Holiday Home Owners who would like to build their own business working towards independence from the large listing sites
  • Holiday Home Owners who have never used Social Media
  • Holiday Home Owners who have begun to use Social Media but want a clear strategy
  • Holiday Home Owners who need to reduce the amount of time spent managing Social Media

How Do I Enroll For The Course?

Ready to Build Your Own Beautiful, Responsive Website For Your Holiday Let? Enroll Now