An overview of UK Holiday Home Television Licensing and Where You Stand as an Owner

TV Licensing for UK Holiday Homes  

Do you have a television in your holiday home? Do you know if you need a license?

So we all know we must have a television licence for our own home, but as the owner of a holiday home in the UK,  do you know what additional licences you need ?

Most UK Holiday Homes will have at least one television and with the licensing authority becoming more savvy by the day and making regular trips to accommodation providers, if you don’t know where you stand you could end up on the wrong side of a heavy fine.

When does your Holiday Home need a UK TV Licence?

You’ll need a license if visitors to your holiday home watch or record television programmes as they’re being broadcast on Television. This includes any other device you can watch on, such as laptops, smartphones or tablets or games stations.

Is there a specific TV Licence for Holiday Homes?

Yes, there’s a specific category of licence known as ‘Hotel and Mobile Units Television Licence’ which is the one you want. A single Television Licence in this catagory costs £145.50 per year (price correct as of April 2016) and will cover up to 15 holiday homes on a single site. So if you have several Holiday Homes on one site, the Licence will cover you for all of them up to a maximum of 15 Homes. BUT if a public road, highway or railway divides your premises, if you were the owner of properties on either side of the same road for example, you will need to have a separate licence for the properties on the other side of the road as they are classed as a separate site. If any of those properties are let on a different basis, such as a long term let, the tenants will need a separate licence of their own.

If you own several Holiday Homes that are in completely different geographical locations, an individual ‘Hotel and Mobile Units Television Licence’  will be required for each of the properties.

To cover more than 15 units – You pay one fee for the first 15 units and an additional fee of £145.50 for every extra 5 units (or fewer).

What if your Holiday Home is attached to your own home?

If your holiday cottage adjoins your own home but is a self contained home, this property will require its own licence and will not be covered by the television licence for your own home.

What are the fines for having inadequate licensing? 

TV licensing have a database of more than 30 million UK addresses and regularly make visits to any premise, including Holiday Homes, where they think a television may be used without a license and a  Holiday homeowners without the right Television Licence are risking a fine of up to £1,000.

For full details of television licensing uk holiday homes and to purchase your licence head to the UK TV Licensing website