Holiday Home Automation

Join me on the podcast as I walk you through 5 Powerful Tools you can start using inside your Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Business to automate some of the repetitive but essential tasks and save time in the day to say running of your Holiday Let Business

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5 Powerful Time Saving Tools

How much time do you think you could save by adding Holiday Home Automation across various elements of the running of your Holiday Let Business?

In this episode I walk you through 5 extremely powerful time saving tools for Holiday Home Automation – learn great ways to use some of the best tools out there, many of them free and all simple to use with very little set up and practice, that will save you time in removing some of the most repetitive tasks in your business.
Those tasks that have to be done in order to continue offering an excellent experience for your guests, to ensure you’re continuously marketing your property and that give you peace of mind that your Holiday Home is running as efficiently as it can and saving you money on utilities. Here they are, be sure to listen to the podcast to hear a full outline of what they are and some ideas on how they can work for you!

  1. Automate your blog post releases using WordPress – don’t have a WordPress website yet? Check out our Premium Course Here
  2. Smart Home Automation – Use some of the latest Home Automation Tools inside your holiday home – we talk about Inspire Home Automation (you can listen to the episode where I interview the creator of Inspire here)
  3. Utilise your Booking Software to it’s full potential – The best booking tools have the ability to automate email delivery to your guests after booking and before and up to when they arrive
  4. Social Media Management – We chat about Hootsuite, Buffer and Meet Edgar. If you’d like to know a little more about these tools and how to implement them you can learn it all in our Free Online Course – Social Media 101: Introduction to Social Media for Holiday Home Owners
  5.  Guest Welcome App – we chat about Coponis, there aren’t loads of these available, but one I use and have delved into is Coponis (you an listen to the episode where I interview Dan Whiting of Coponis and he explains exactly how Coponis works here. Unfortunetly Coponis have announced they will be changing, possibly permanently and may not provide this servcie from July 16, I will start researching for something new to be my go to guest welcome app!)

Got a great Tool that you use inside your Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Business?

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